60s on the road

60s on the road is a project developed for Designing Experiences course with Merritt Price, head of design at The Getty Research Institute. The exhibition big idea is "What were we driving while our thoughts were in the moon". It happens at the Petersen Automotive Museum and brings the cars that were part of important moments of the 60s, such as the X100 - JFK limousine and all the important politics facts, John Lennon 1965 yellow Rolls Royce and the British invation; mustangs, military vehicles and communist auto industry tell the stories from the cold war; and finally vw beetle and love buses create an interactive experience for the visitor to delight. The idea was to produce a work from the ground up thinking about all the elements that are part of the exhibition design process. Visual identity, modeling, advertising, products, experience map, persona, invitation, etc.

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