Phyton - Rebranding

Phyton is a lifestyle brand. We started it in 2007, my mother, my brother and I. Nellise is an entrepreneur on the retail marketing for more than 25 years and Thales is a business manager and entrepreneur. Phyton was founded in Caçapava-SP, a 200.000 inhabitants city crossed by Dutra, the freeway that connects São Paulo and Rio. (70 miles from Sao Paulo and 200 miles from Rio). A hype phenomenon of color shoes in Brazil pushed Phyton rapidly up, but after it was gone, we felt a need to refresh the brand and reposition it in the market. One of the main action is the re brand they commissioned me. The idea is to clean the brand and create a strong minimalist visual identity Since march, after renovating all stationery, facade and all communication assets, Phyton have been showing growth of 30% on the sales comparing with the same period of last year. A much higher digital engagement and higher buzz during sales campaigns was also achieved.

below: Video produced for valentines day, June 12 in Brazil. Phyton asked the customers to hashtag their pairs on facebook. The campaign had more than 100.000 views.
below: Series of videos produced for mothers day. Testemonials of mothers about superpowers of being mother. Phyton had a 30% sales growth compared to the year before.
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